Welcome to Picardy

Welcome to Picardy, an application for creating, editing, and formatting back-of the-book indexes, available for Microsoft Windows™, Linux, and Macintosh™.

Picardy enables authors and indexers to add index items in any order, using an easy-to-understand text notation or via insert/edit dialogs. The software will alphabetize, collate, and format the index using settings you’ve selected. You can preview as you work, and then export the index in several formats, including RTF, HTML, and plain text. Picardy provides common editing tools such as find/replace and spell-checking, as well as index-oriented productivity features like item manipulation, grouping, templates, and clipboard functions.

This software is free of charge and freely distributable for commercial and non-commercial use, subject to the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Picardy is not open source software.

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Picardy 2.1 is ready!

Picardy 2.1 is a minor release that updates Picardy 2.0 with some new features and a few bug fixes. It is available for download for the Windows™ and Linux platforms here.

The changes include:

  • groups
  • templates
  • hyperlink locators
  • status bar
  • sort edit pane
  • replacement text regular expressions
  • improved backups
  • improved highlights

Picardy 2.0

See our product announcement and the new feature list.

Please upgrade to version 2.1 if you have been using Picardy 2.0 for Windows™ or Linux. A “beta” version of Picardy 2.0 for Macintosh™ is available.

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If you’ve used Picardy and are happy with it, please consider a donation. Any support will be greatly appreciated. However, this is completely voluntary and you’re most welcome to use Picardy free of charge!

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